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CTP Launches SiteMentor 5.0, great new functionality!

CTP Announces Launch of Online Payment System for Schools


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SiteMentor SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What Optimization of your Website can do for You:

CTP’s Digital Strategy methodology turns stagnant, underperforming web sites into rock stars!  Here are the five areas, if planned and executed, can turn your web site into a profit generating machine:


  • Objectives:
    Know your business objectives and then align your web objectives to help you reach your goals.
  • Branding:
    Get your web site to be the best in your industry (specific to your geographic market). Ensure your messaging is as concise as possible.
  • Traffic:
    It's not only about the search engines anymore. Google Local, Social Media, Newsletters, Blogs -- some may be right for you while others aren't. Find the right mix.
  • Functionality:
    A brochure web site is no longer acceptable. Users require value. Offer value via content or some other form of functionality (i.e. calculators, forums, etc.).
  • Analytics:
    What gets measured gets managed. If you measure the results of your web site, you're going to improve the results from your web site over time.