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CTP Launches SiteMentor 5.0, great new functionality!

CTP Announces Launch of Online Payment System for Schools


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We are Charter Tech Partners!

Since 1999, "Charter Tech Partners" has provided management and automation application software to a wide variety of companies and industries.

Charter Tech Partners' clients can choose from an array of software products and services that meet the demands of the marketplace. For example, our AutoMentor software solution gives auto dealerships the essential technical tools to control inventory, receivables, and financial calculations. 

Our SiteMentor website engine provides out-of-the-box content management, shopping cart, newsletter, SEO and payment gateway functionality (and much more!).

Our easy-to-understand pricing is based upon the products and services chosen. Clients choosing Charter Tech Partners can be confident that as their business grows, their software will grow with them.

Our client base is rapidly expanding and includes companies that range in size from small, single-user applications to enterprise operations.

Charter Technology Partners is owned and operated in the USA. You can depend on service and support from our dedicated team located in Summerville, South Carolina and Dallas, Texas.  .

What We Do

We are a team of seasoned professionals who know how to apply proven software technology tools to specific industry needs in order to reduce costs, promote security and enhance customer and end-user experience.