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LeaseMentor Lease Automation Software is a lease application and contracts automation tool.  It is designed to enhance the users’ ability to originate needed documents and contracts quickly and accurately.  The software is designed to produce reports in various formats, which can be used as import files for accounting software such as QuickBooks and others.

The LeaseMentor system is a menu driven program that gives the user forms in which to enter data for customers, inventory, payment, and receipt records, just as if the user was entering the information on a sheet of paper for all processes and functions, including:

* Manage sales and work deals
* Automate the selling and closing processes
* Generate custom business reports
* Print Contracts & Forms
* Track customer payments
* Manage inventory (on prem and field)
* Much more

LeaseMentor will pay for itself in time savings, inventory/fleet tracking, customer management and data security enhancements.