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CTP Launches SiteMentor 5.0, great new functionality!

CTP Announces Launch of Online Payment System for Schools


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SiteMentor Website Automation Software is designed to make building and managing an attractive, effective and dynamic Web presence easy and affordable by:

  • Automation of the Website creation process
  • Simplification of Website content management
  • Optimization for Search (SEO)

SiteMentor is a content management system (CMS) that utilizes a database to allow users to manage content more easily.  It offers the ability to create and maintain email lists, generate newsletters, input products, generate a dynamic shopping cart, and utilize standard headers/footers, etc. yet offers all the benefits of having static pages. 


SiteMentor employs a hybrid scenario between static and dynamic website functionality offering the best of both worlds.

Features of SiteMentor include:

  • Creation of static pages for fast, complete and secure loading
  • SEO friendly due to meta content, static pages and created site map
  • Modular functionality - don't buy what you don't need
  • Multiple security levels and SSL certification means you sleep easier at night
  • Proven shopping cart functionality with automated payment gateway

Click here for more information about this exciting software product.